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Cinematography. A trend that differs from the traditional wedding video mostly in terms of vision, the goal is not endless recording, but the creation of a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere.

We are Sérgio and Joana destination wedding videographers from Europe.

We create authentic, natural and emotional wedding films.

Our goal is not to create a monotonous wedding video, which you can watch over and over with your family or friends, but to create a unique, atmospheric, experience-shaping work that is capable of recalling the happy moments so that you, your friends, your loved ones can again immerse yourself in the atmosphere that you could only experience there, on that day, we love to capture real moments as they actually happen.

It will be a pleasure to listen your story, understand what your wishing for and turn it into something so emotional than only We can Motion!

You can reach us anyday and anytime per email at